Hi people


So I am continuing work on this musical journey, but with my health issues, it adds a lot of time traveling to and from dr appointments which takes time away from the music.  No worries though!  This is just the beginning of something and I will always keep chipping away at this dream!  I have a few shows coming up now, which is exciting!  I play tomorrow at Ballard Brothers Seafood, which should be fun gig playin alongside Hummingbull.  l had the pleasure of meeting him last weekend at my single release show, and he invited me along to play this week!  I also will be playing at Darrell's Tavern in Seattle on Saturday Aug. 17th, and then in September on the 20th at Black Dog Arts Café in beautiful Snoqualmie, WA!!!  I hope some of you can make it out, these will be great shows!  My old friend and old bandmate Mr Dale Krasovetz will be in town playing at the show with a group he's with, and I am really excited about this show!!! :)  Anyways, hope you all are doing well, I am gonna keep trying to learn stuff about music and business and life and health, take care and I hope to see you at a show someday! :)

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